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The Groves appreciate our volunteers! If you (or our valued grandparents & community members!) have the opportunity to volunteer, even for one fieldtrip, you must have a background check. Please go to the GAPS website where you will find the Volunteer Criminal Background check under the “Parents” tab. Your background check is good for a two year period, and we will try to let you know when your background check is about to expire.

Medications at School
If your child requires medication at school (prescribed or over the counter) please go to, click administrative rules, put “medications” in the search box to find the form (or pick one up at school). Medications cannot be dispensed without this form—and according to the state, cough drops are medication.

The District lunch program, MealTime is an automated lunch program. The program allows 3 charges—or up to $8 (ea lunch is $2.35) so please watch for those charge slips! Students get a verbal “low balance notice” in the lunch/milk line—but no notice until they are charging. There is an on-line option to check on your child’s balance & eating habits : ) just call to get the required student number . The online number is not the lunch number—call Georgiana,Fir Grove @ 541.967.4570 or Pat, Oak Grove @ 541.967.4596 for more info. MealTime does charge for online deposits—but not to check balances.

Our School District’s Check Policy: For a check to be an acceptable form of payment it must include your current, full and accurate name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number and state. When paying by check you authorize the recovery of unpaid checks and a $25.00 returned check fee by means of electronic re-presentment or by paper draft.